Disney Style X-Sheet

PDF file format, 8.5″x14″.

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to study a copy of a Disney X Sheet from the 60s. This is my best attempt at replicating it. It’s pretty much a match except I thinned out the lines a bit so it is easier to see the notes you write on it.

Three Second X-Sheet

PDF file format, 8.5″x14″.

This is a custom X-Sheet I created off of the Disney one above. I changed the timing on the chart so it shows enough frames for 3 full seconds (72 Frames) of animation. The Disney X-Sheet is timed for 4 feet of film (16 frames equals 1 foot of film). I don’t know any studio that does pencil tests on actual film anymore so I thought it may be better to have an X-Sheet based on seconds rather than feet.

Metronome Conversion Charts

Handy 3 x 5 conversion charts for your metronome. Click on the image to view full size. I rounded the numbers off to half numbers. That way you can see if your beat will add an extra frame over time or not and plan accordingly.


Storyboard Templates

Download zip file of Storyboard Templates

At the link above you will find a zip file of some Storyboard Templates I created. The templates are Photoshop documents set up to easily snap your image files into place. There are five different templates in the zip file for all the popular aspect ratios used in film/television. There are four layers to each template. Two text layers for the title and author, a stencil layer and the background (the purple area in the image above). Just slide your images between the stencil layer and the background an you’ll have a nice, clean storyboard ready for presentation. In the name of each file you’ll see the resolution for the image size of each storyboard panel.

Field Charts

Download zip file of Field Guides

I basically use these as along with the Storyboard Templates above. If you choose the right size to start with , then you’ll have the perfect size image to snap into the corresponding template. There are five .psd files in the zip file for the same aspect ratios as the Storyboard Templates.