This is a bit of fan art of Tony DiTerlizzi’s illustrations of the classic tale, The Spider and the Fly.


I consider myself very fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood with a great family, wonderful friends and the most energetic dog.  So, naturally, I want to make cartoon characters out of that time period.

Here is one of the early sketches I did.  The toe-headed boy in red is me.  The laughing boy next to me with the long hair is my friend Craig.  Somehow we managed to get the best of my older brother here and looking on is our dog Duncan.

Below is a more developed sketch of me and Duncan.

I liked this drawing so much that I decided to model/digitally sculpt out the scene (below).

It is still in progress, but I want to take this through to a 3D Print.  In the words of Indian Jones, “I have fond memories of that dog.”  I think having a maquette of us would be a sweet reminder of those good times.  Below is something closer to how it may look as a real maquette.  These are digitally sculpted in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.

But this is all too much fun!  I can’t stop there. so I started to model out the rest of us as well.  Below is Craig in 3D.

And here is all of us.  They are all in various stages of completion.  I’m kind of designing as I model and seeing them all together like this makes it easier to decide what changes should be made to make the designs better.


 Hey, if there can be Golden Girls, why can’t there be Platinum Girls?  Here I’ll post images as I continue to
work on these gals.
Click the image to see it larger.


Here you can see images as this project evolves and takes shape.  The newest images are at the top.
I will update this page as I progress through these characters.

The initial pass at the loveable loser’s head shape.


The Jerk’s body is taking form.  There are details to be figured out still, such as folds in
the clothing at the joints and where the arms and legs meet the body.  Generally I want
to keep them simple, visually.  I want them to read with the simplicity we love of 2d animation
and not get overboard with the amount of detail that 3d animation allows.

The initial pass at the Jerk’s head shape.


Below are some expressions tests on the Jerk.  Before I settle in on the 3d forms above
I want to make sure I’ll be able pose them in a way to work as an animated character.


This image (below) is the first rendered image I created of these characters.
2d designs