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Adam McMahon

Career Objective

To enter into the visual development side of production, exploring and solving design elements for feature animated films, television or streaming content, while working remotely as to be near my family.

Work Experience

Aardman Nathan Love
Character Modeler - Freelance

4/27/2021 - Various

Regeneron - Now Eye See Commercial

  • Explored the design of four character models in sculpted form for client approval for two commercial advertisements

  • Created the production models of these character meeting downstream department requirements

  • Sculpted displacement map wrinkles in the clothing for general use and for shot specific needs

Blue Sky Studios

Senior Character Modeler/Lead Character Modeler/Modeler

12/11/2006 - 10/13/2020

Horton Hears a Who!
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Surviving Sid



Ice Age: Continental Drift

Rio 2

The Peanuts Movie

Ice Age: Collision Course



Spies in Disguise

Nimona (Unreleased)

Foster (Unreleased)

  • Digital sculpting of character to meet artistic expectations of the Designer, Art Director and Director(s)

  • Modeling of the production asset of characters to work well with all downstream departments

  • Early exploration of poses and expressions in 3D to test out the design and allow early problem solving.

  • Heavy interpretation of unique artistic styles into three dimensional form

  • Soft and hard surface modeling on props and sets

  • Lead Character Modeler on the second half of production in The Peanuts Movie, meeting and working with Rigging, Animation, Fur and Materials to provide updates and new assets needed to production while maintaining the artist look needed to remain faithful to the classic designs of Charles M. Schulz

  • Leading set modeling with teams of modeler; managing assets, assigning roles, and adjusting to schedules

  • Worked with a team to develop a "universal mesh" for humanoid characters to streamline the production process.  Allowing the reuse of topology and UVs, and a quick rig install and transfer.  Many departmental standards were built in, saving the studio time and the artist repetitive technical issues that were previously solved uniquely on each character.

  • Communicated with artists, leads, supervisors and managers to keep production flowing smoothly with all aspects involved and effected by the models I was making

Instructor - Advanced Modeling

4 quarters at various times

Instructed student on how to digitally sculpt and pose a stylized character, matching the artists design, in Zbrush while giving feedback as they could expect in a production setting.

Glueworks Animation


1/3/2005 - 11/14/2006

Glueworks was a small studio where I was the fourth artist hired in and we created 45 minutes of content every 6 months for direct to dvd content.  My primary role was as the modeler of the series, but also had to help out with materials, lighting, design, rendering and compositing.







Sketchbook Pro
After Effects



Marvelous Designer

Substance Painter

Clip Studio Paint



Illinois Institute of Art: Schaumberg (2001-2003) Media Arts & Animation

Delta College (2000-2001) General Education Courses

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